Dental prostheses

Las prótesis dentales, son aquellas estructuras fijas o removibles, que incorporamos en nuestro boca cuando tenemos ausencia de una o varias piezas dentales.
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The dental prostheses, are those fixed structures or removibles, that incorporate in our mouth when have absence of one or several dental pieces.
The fixed prostheses and removibles have to divide them in two groups:
  • Prosthesis on natural tooth
    • Removible: They are those that have to remove for higienizar after each consumption.
    • Fixed: they are those that require a preparation of the tooth or of the adjacent teeth, to be able to cementarlas so that they do not move . And they require a higienización specific.
  • Prosthesis on implants
    • Removibles : They are those with which rehabilitate complete arcades. With a minor number of implants can create complete prostheses with an anchorage semi fixed that improve the quality of life of the patient, since it does not move during the mastication. Will have to remove for higienizar after each consumption.
    • Fixed: with a specific number of implants,  can remplazar a stray tooth, tracts of the arcade or complete arcades. This system only can disassemble by the specialist and requires a higienización and specific maintenance.

Fixed prosthesis
Hybrid prosthesis
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